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    We promote sustainable development and preservation of high quality guiding in the Arctic. Not only to assure and improve safety for guests and guides alike, also to foster social acceptance and recognition of the guide profession.

    Who we are

    We are the first representative of Svalbard's guide community. To achieve our objectives we will transfer information between officials, companies and guides: we will act as an information intermediary.

    Work together

    We are working together with different actors in the tourism industry: Officials like Sysselmester and Lokalstyre, other nature associations like NNGF and PTGA, as well as a union (HK) and other actors.


    Guide conference 2023

    As in the past we want to invite you to our Guide conference! Meet us at the Radisson Blu on the 2th of March, from 18:30 to 21:30. Free pizza will be served!

    Leserinnlegg til Svalbardposten fra Svalbard Guide Association

    "Some guides in Longyearbyen are lucky. They are Norwegian and have permanent positions working for Norwegian employers. These guides have now been laid off along with their co-workers, but these lucky guides will receive unemployment benefits. Many other guides, however, are less fortunate. Some are now finding themselves in extremely difficult situations...

    Restrictions for travelling on sea ice

    Like the last two years, the sea ice in Rindersbukta, Tempelfjorden and Billefjorden is closed from now till 01.06.20 for motorized traffic. Outside this areas it is allowed to cross over the sea ice on the shortest navigable route.

    Corona Virus is affecting Svalbard's tourism industry

    The business sector of Svalbard is being affected by the coronavirus. With the risk of infection and with quarantine measures, there is a danger that people will travel less. This is why Longyearbyen’s second largest tourism company, Svalbard Adventures, has notified employees of possible layoffs.

    Translated version of Svalbardposten's post about corona virus affecting the tourism industry